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written by Frank McGuinness, directed by Patrick Dooley

Previewed: February 15 & 16 at 8pm
Opened: Saturday, February 17 at 8pm
Performed: February 18 through March 17.
Performed At: 8th Street Studio Theatre, 2525 8th St. in West Berkeley.

8th Street Studio Theatre is a wheelchair accessible location. Saturday, March 10 was ASL interpreted.

This play, by famed Irish playwright Frank McGuinness, tells the story of 3 menĀ­an Irishman, an Englishman and an American held in a prison in Lebanon. Their story is a celebration of the humanity they discover in themselves as they confront their deepest fears in an insane and hapless situation. Based on the true stories of people who were held, and are still held, as captives in a foreign land.

Kevin Karrick as Michael
Clive Worsley as Edward
Richard J. Silberg as Adam

Patrick Dooley, director
Alex Lopez, lighting design
Michael Frassinelli, set designer
Valera Coble, costume designer
Benjamin Lovejoy, graphic designer
Patrick Dooley, artistic director

Jack Tucker for The West County Times
Michael Scott Moore for SF Weekly
Chad Jones for The Oakland Tribune
Karen D'Souza for San Jose Mercury News
Katy Shrout for The East Bay Express
Robert Avila for SF Bay Guardian
Matthew Surrence for Urban View

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