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Article by Steven Winn of The SF Chronicle, published August 19, 2001

Buckeye Misfits

By Steven Winn
SF Chronicle

"The story of Louise Bentley, who became Mrs. John Hardy and lived with her husband in a brick house on Elm Street in Winesburg, is a story of misunderstanding." So, in author Sherwood Anderson's lean and enticingly charged prose, begins "Surrender," a story from his indelible 1919 portrait of small-town life in "Winesburg, Ohio." Four of those interconnected tales come to the stage this week in a transbay production by San Francisco's Word for Word and Berkeley's Shotgun Players. Anderson's precisely etched work is a natural fit for Word for Word, a company devoted to theatrical translations of the fiction writer's exacting craft. This first collaboration with Shotgun's energized actors and sensibilities has great potential. The attentive Delia MacDougall directs.

-- Steven Winn


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