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Reviews by R. Hurwitt and Anna Mantaris for SF Gate


Beth Donohue is a monumental Medea, her versatile voice reaching depths of grief and heights of rage as Euripides' eternal figure of wronged and monstrously vengeful womanhood. Her performance is undercut by director Russell Blackwood's semi-camp revenge-melodrama approach and the uneven supporting cast in a 100-minute Shotgun Players production that veers raggedly from tragedy to farce.

--R. Hurwitt

A romantic breakup might drive some to a pint of Häagen-Dazs and a marathon viewing of the "Sex and the City" box sets, but if you're Medea and your husband leaves you for a young blonde, Rocky Road and a little TV isn't your idea of comfort. With "Medea," the Shotgun Players, directed by Russell Blackwood, have brought Euripides' classic tragedy to the UC Theatre. Amid the organ music and in the grandiose former movie house, Beth Donohue gives a phenomenal performance as the title character -- the notorious figure with "otherworldly" powers who seeks revenge after being dumped by her husband, Jason, and booted out of Corinth by King Creon. She plots, she plans, she goes to any length to share the grief. Sans love and with a sentence of exile, Medea is a force to be reckoned with.

-- Anna Mantzaris


--SF Gate


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