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Review by Anna Mantzaris for SF Gate

Oedipus Rex

Nicholas Rudall's new translation of Sophocles' tragedy.

The term "Oedipus complex" is tossed around so much these days, one almost forgets where it comes from. The Shotgun Players are here to remind you of Sophocles' famous tale of Oedipus, the king of Thebes and former prince of Corinth, whose life is fated for tragedy by the gods above. Oedipus saves his city from the riddle of the Sphinx and gets the crown, but trouble ensues as a dark cloud looms over Thebes, calling for a murder to be avenged. Creon, shepherds and prophets stake their claims as the king's unsavory past comes to light. Under the direction of Shotgun Players founder and artistic director Patrick Dooley, this Greek tragedy à la Berkeley is performed in a theater-in-the-round style in which audience members become the citizens of ailing Thebes. This is one riveting family drama you'll be glad to watch unfold from the sidelines.


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