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SF Gate, March 10, 2005


Outstanding Cast and Impeccable Direction Characterize 'The Just'

-- Anna Mantzaris

I'll admit it; after a crazy week, the last thing I thought I felt like doing was sitting through two hours of Camus, but a new translation by Tom Hoover of the 1949 play "The Just" was just the thing to recharge my brain. Directed by Patrick Dooley, this Shotgun Players production tells the story of a group of revolutionary socialists in Russia 1905 planning the assassination of a member of the royal family. Their goal: liberation of their country. Hard-nosed newcomer Stephan clashes with Yanek, a poet who loves life and joy. Assignments are doled out, and, when the first attempt goes awry, tensions flare. Bomb maker Dora has feelings for Yanek (and vice versa), but in terrorism there is no room for romance, and unrequited longing ensues. This intense and thought-provoking production waxes philosophical on justice, honor and death. An outstanding cast and impeccable direction makes for a nearly flawless production.

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