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"fast, sexy and bracingly contemporary...the bright lights of Jackson's runway illuminate a dark and evocative tale." - SF Chronicle

"Craig Marker and Blythe Foster are hot, young, sexy and ruthlessly ambitious Macbeths... Jackson's smartly tailored modern look turns the bright lights of a fashion show runway on a dark and endlessly evocative tale of how unscrupulous rulers can ruin a nation." -

"Mark Jackson infuses one of Shakespeare’s most beloved tragedies with a modern sensibility, brewing a dark drama with bright lighting, a throbbing club base, and a fervid sexual energy." - Lael K. Gold,

"lively, insouciant, stylishly au courant " - Robert Avila, SF Bay Guardian

“A sizzling, 21st-Century Macbeth… Sparkling and scintillating… A wildly effective study of power and bloodlust.” - Pat Craig, Inside Bay Area

"A stimulating, modern production ... high-speed, sensuous and exciting" - Richard Connema,

"Esta particular presentación de Macbeth esta muy bien realizada. El señor director Mark Jackson ha logrado sacar de una obra tan complicada y difícil y convertirla en una creación artística que entretiene y educa ... Los actores son magníficos interpretando roles tan difíciles, ellos vencen barreras lingüísticas y morales imitando a gentes que solo piensan en el valor monetario de cada transacción y las utilidades que les rinden." - Mario A. Echevarría, The San Francisco Tribune

"Superlative directing and acting is evidenced ... It is also worth noting that the Shotgun Theater is completely off-the-grid: they generate all their climate control and electrical energy via solar power.

Imagine: what is arguably the best and obviously the most provocative Shakespeare in the Bay Area leaving no carbon footprint.

If you like shockingly great theatre, zero emissions and our environment, get thee to the Shotgun Player's MACBETH." - Jeffrey R. Smith,

"a Macbeth that is as style-conscious as it is slick." - Chloe Veltman, SFWeekly

"Fierce" - Silvia Rubin, SFUNZIPPED

"plays out like a Hollywood thriller—fast-paced, catchy, scary, intriguing—only with the added depth of Shakespeare’s timeless dark energy." - Emma Krasov,

Robert Hurwitt interviews director Mark Jackson for The San Francisco Chronicle - 10/24/08

The Christian Science Monitor's "The Many Faces of Macbeth": "Let's face it, ambition and blood are in the air, culturally and politically"

Laureen Mahler, for

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1901 Ashby Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94703

Shotgun Players