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by David Mamet directed by Trick Redman

Opened: Friday, June 11, 1993

Performed: Thursday & Friday & Saturday at 8:00 pm

Performed At: La Val's Subterranean Theatre, 1834 Euclid Avenue, Berkeley

Closed: July 15, 1993

Up until this point our sets had been composed of whatever furniture we could borrow from La Val's. In comes Michael Frassinelli with his old orange VW van filled with crap he'd picked up off the side of the road. He's not a set designer; he is our very own McGiver who spits and paints and kicks things into place until suddenly you have this beautiful world to play in. Oh, and the play itself? I learned that directors shouldn't direct plays if they are in them.

George Killingworth as Don
Ray Halliday as Bobby
Patrick Dooley as Teach

Trick Redman, director
Richard Silberg, assistant director
Laura Teutschel, stage manager
Doug Smith, light operator
Michael Frassinelli, set design and construction
Stacie Krajchir, graphic design
Patrick Dooley, artistic director

Laird Harrison for The Oakland Tribune
Steve Hayes-Pollard for the East Bay Express


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