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by Agatha Christie directed by Patrick Dooley

I have been a confirmed mystery lover since the first grade when a cousin of mine introduced me to the Hardy Boys. From there I went through every mystery book series that I could find; from Nancy Drew to The Three Investigators, The Happy Hollisters and Encyclopedia Brown. About 3 years later, I was poking around in my grandparents' attic, and I uncovered a box of books whose central figures were a little old lady and a fat Belgian with a waxed moustache. I discovered Agatha Christie, a writer whose worlds of elegant Caribbean estates, fog-shrouded English villages and sumptuous cabins in overnight trains opened up a rich fantasy life for a ten-year-old boy in a small town in Virginia.

Emily Ackerman as Helen Rollander
Beth Donohue as Lisa Koletzky
Ryan Gowland as Lester Cole & Sergeant Pearce
Kevin Karrick as Dr. Stoner
Brian Linden as Sir William Rollander & Inspector Ogden
Erin Merritt as Anya Hendryk
Trish Mulholland as Mrs. Roper
Richard Silberg as Herr Karl Hendryk

Patrick Dooley, director
Michael Frassinelli, set design
Clare DeShon, costume design
Alex Lopez, lighting design
Benjamin Lovejoy, graphic design
Gina Padilla, stage manager
Claire Mosher, managing director
Patrick Dooley, artistic director

Opened: Saturday, December 5, 1998 at 8:00 pm
Performed: Thursday & Friday & Saturday & Sunday at 8:00 pm
Performed At: Adeline Street Theatre, 3280 Adeline Street, Berkeley
Closed: Sunday, January 10, 1998

Brad Rosenstein for SF Bay Guardian
Michael Scott Moore for SF Weekly
Chad Jones for The Oakland Tribune
V.C., for The East Bay Express

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