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by Euripides directed by Patrick Dooley

Written in the last years of Euripides' life, The Bacchae deals with the conflict between man's arrogant human pride and primal forces of nature - an important and meaningful conflict we must all deal with as we head into the 21st century. Dionysus, before he was appropriated by the Romans, was a mysterious and complex figure, representing nature both around and within us. The Bacchae and their cry for universal balance speaks to that which desires harmony, while Dionysus speaks to that aspect of ourselves that can be excessive and unforgiving. Agave, desirous of freeing her spirit, both challenges the gods and realizes their awesome power to destroy as well as create. What does all this mean ultimately? Although it is tempting to reduce the play's meaning to a sound bite, it is not possible, because the issues the Bacchae raise still trouble our often difficult yet awesome world. The new century seems to demand that we face and correct our past mistakes, or destroy ourselves. The Bacchae are still calling to us to take heed.

What a beautiful play. What I loved about this project was that I had never seen or studied Greek drama, so everything I learned was a new discovery. More than 30 people collaborated on this project, and I think there was only one real shouting match. We worked this show until everyone was sick, and then we worked it some more. Truth is we're still working it. And that's the beautiful part.

Andy Alabran as Pentheus
Adam Bock as Dionysus
Jack Halton as Cadmus
Barry Horwitz as Teiresias
Zahra Mahloudji as Chorus
Trish Mulholland as Agave
Carolyn Padilla as Chorus
John Polack as Guard, Herdsman & Messenger
Gina Pulice as Chorus
Tara Rado as Chorus
Nora el Samahy as Chorus
Amy Sass as Chorus
Juliet Tanner as Chorus
Bella Warda as Chorus

Patrick Dooley, director
Andrea Weber, choregraphy
Michael Frassinelli, set design and construction
Amanda Duarte & Laura McNall with generous help from family, friends & fellow actors, costume team
Alex Lopez, lighting design
Richard J. Silberg, sound design
Benjamin Lovejoy, graphic design
Jo Folino, dramaturg
Brent Rosenbaum, stage manager
Andrew Jones, assistant stage manager
Jennifer Clark, production assistant

Opened: Saturday, December 4, 1999
Performed: Friday & Saturday at 8:00 pm & Sunday at 7:00 pm
Performed At: The Eighth Street Studio, 2525 Eighth Street, Berkeley
Closed: Sunday, January 9, 2000

Kerry Reid for East Bay Express
Brad Rosenstein for SF Bay Guardian (scroll down)
Michael Scott Moore for SF Weekly

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