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created by: Katie Bales, Daniele Nathanson & Tania Katan
written by: Tania Katan & Daniele Nathanson

Opened: Saturday, November 4 at 8pm
Performed: Thursday, Friday & Saturday
Performed At: Exit Theatre, 156 Eddy Street between Taylor and Mason in San Francisco
Closed: December 9

There is a moment of uncertainty between arriving and departing, and in that moment you can't remember where you've been and you've forgotten where you're going; and THAT moment is the perfect time to start a relationship. Is it possible to meet your future mate on a layover? Are you going to find the love of your life on a plane to Scranton? Or is there too little oxygen in there to make any life decisions? See what happens when a lonely lesbian takes flight, a New York cabbie strikes it rich, and a young man stands in the shadow of the gate his mother left him through. Arrivals//Departures is a play for anyone who has lost their baggage, acquired someone else's baggage, or simply doesn't carry any baggage at all.

Lindsay Anderson as Rose
Amanda Duarte as Tori
Ryan Gowland as Nick
Doug Nolan as Jared, Manager & Dr. Schnagle
Jennifer Taggart as Felix
Gene Thompson as Ira

Katie Bales, director
Staci Marengo, assistant director
Joe Cairo, set design
Michelle Baecht, costume design
Alex Lopez, lighting design & light board operator
Michelle Talgarow, movement coach
Chris Keyes, sound design
Rebecca Goodberg, stage manager
Hannah Lilly, sound board operator
Benjamin Lovejoy, graphic designer
Patrick Dooley, artistic director

Chad Jones for the Oakland Tribune
Karen McKevitt for SF Chronicle
Katy E. Shrout for The East Bay Express Online

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