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by Anton Chekhov translated by Carol Rocamora directed by Reid Davis

Anton Chekhov wrote Three Sisters while in medical exile from Moscow and his theatre company in 1900. I imagine him dreaming of love, dreaming of actors, dreaming of the future. His people wonder aloud if anyone will remember them in 200 years. Photos are snapped, projecting a moment in the future when the subject no longer exists but the photo does. Can memory survive the subject? Longing for a better tomorrow and longing to be remembered, the characters see the present pass by them. They, like us, crash daily. And they, like us, sometimes arise�shaken but definitely alive. The characters hurl themselves at the unknowable future, at us. Is it possible they conjure us, ghosts of the future, not knowing but struggling to remember them? This most millennial of plays questions memory, desire and reality itself�not just for its characters, but for its listeners, struggling to hold onto what matters as we too are hurled into the unknowable future.

Katie Bales as Olga
Maria Candelaria as Irina
Beth Donohue as Masha
Amanda Duarte as Natasha
Jeff Elam as Kulygin
Todd Parmley* as Andrei
Robert Parsons* as Tuzenbach
Katja Rivera* as Anfisa & Rode
Yuval Sharon as Ferapont & Fedotik
Phil Stockton* as Vershinin
Gene Thompson as Chebutykin
Danny Wolohan as Solyoni
*appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

Reid Davis, director
Yuval Sharon, assistant director
Patrick Dooley, producer
Valera Coble, costume designer
Michael Frassinelli, set design & construction
Alex Lopez, lighting designer
Ben Lovejoy, graphic designer & photographer
Eunice Kwon, stage manager
Mary Saudargas, creative consultant

Opened: Saturday, March 4 at 8:00
Performed: Friday & Saturday & Sunday
Performed At: The Speakeasy Theatre, 2016 7th Street, Berkeley
Closed: April 9

Kerry Reid for the East Bay Express Online
Michael Scott Moore for the SF Weekly

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