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and by David Mamet directed by Kent Nicholson

THE WATER ENGINE: In the style of the best 1934 radio potboilers, The Water Engine pits one man's dreams against the dangers of corporate enterprise.

MR. HAPPINESS: In the dead of night, Mr. Happiness delivers advice to the troubled and lonely through the faceless radio. But is he all that he seems?


Opened: Saturday, September 23 at 8pm
Performed: Friday & Saturday & Sunday
Performed At: The Eighth Street Studio
2525 8th Street at Dwight in West Berkeley
Closed: October 28

Jesse Caldwell* as Mr. Wallace, Postal Processor Inventor, Radio Announcer, Worker, Bum, Companion & Barker
Mike Carroll* as Charles Lang
Mary Eaton Fairfield as Rita Lang, Gross's Secretary, Lady 2, Operator & Knife Grinder
Judy Phillips as Murray's Secretary, Mrs. Varec, Lady on Elevator, A Voice, Watcher, Woman, Lecturer & Customer
Tim Redmond* as Dave Murray, Soapbox Speaker, Mailman, Elevator Operator, Foreman, Railroad Conductor & Second Cop
Michael Ray Wisely* as Chainletter, Lawrence Oberman & Unidentified Voice
Clive Worsley as Morton Gross, Radio Announcer, Moderator, Cop, Voice Over, Rewrite & Paperboy
Boomer Hurwitz as Boy & Bernie Wallace
*appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

Clive Worsley

Kent Nicholson, director
Alex Lopez, lighting design
Valera Coble, costume designer
Hannah Lilly, sound & foley
Benjamin Lovejoy, graphic designer
Patrick Dooley, artistic director

Katy E. Shrout for The East Bay Express
Chad Jones for the Oakland Tribune
Michael Scott Moore for SF Weekly

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