are proud to announce our
2013 Season

The Coast of Utopia: Shipwreck
By Tom Stoppard
Directed by Founding Artistic Director Patrick Dooley

March 20 – April 21
In Voyage, we met our young heroes in the first blushes of revolutionary thought and love. Now we find them in their 30s. The optimism of their early years has hit the rocks of marital infidelity, social anarchy, and a Tsar that has no intention of stepping down. The stakes go up dramatically in this next great duel between the heart and mind.

By and By
By Lauren Gunderson
Directed by Mina Morita

May 22 - June 23
Imagine that you're a newly wed and madly in love. Suddenly your partner killed in a tragic accident. Now imagine you are the leading doctor in the science of human cloning. What might you do? The World Premiere by one of America's most exciting young (and local!) writers.

Sea of Reeds
By Josh Kornbluth
Directed by David Dower

A new play commissioned by Shotgun Players
July 2 - August 4
Shotgun Players is proud to announce that Josh Kornbluth, Berkeley's favorite provocateur and intellectual comedian, is creating a new play for our 2013 Season. Sea of Reeds takes inspiration from his experience of practicing the oboe and from the epic adventure stories found in the book of Exodus. Impediments by damned! It's going to be an incredible show.

Josh Kornbluth comments: "It is extremely hard to blow sufficient air through the oboe, and oboists must devote much of their days to making delicate, tissue-thin double reeds, which often last only a day or two. And yet these very idiosyncrasies seem to connect the oboist’s experience to that of the ancient Israelites — who, in their flight from slavery, were blocked by a Sea of Reeds, until a strong wind made it passable. I believe their obstacles to freedom were internal as well as external — and, in Sea of Reeds, I hope, with humor and drama and beautiful music, to capture the joys and pains and ironies of facing our own Seas of Reeds, both without and within."

Bonnie & Clyde
By Adam Peck,
Directed by Mark Jackson

August 27 - September 29
(Not a part of the Mainstage Subscription Series)
Over one feverish night in an unnamed southern town, a mythic couple comes to terms with their own mortality. With humour, desperation and tenderness, these icons are made human again, resolving their issues and getting their affairs in order. This potent blend of romance and violence echoes the power of the ancient Greeks. Based on a true story.

Strangers, Babies
By Linda McLean,
Directed by Jon Tracy

October 15 - November 17
May is a woman with a haunted past. Through interwoven encounters with her husband, her father, her brother, a one-night stand, and a stranger just doing his job, May's secrets are slowly and gorgeously revealed. What evolves is an unforgettable tale of hope and redemption.

Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness
By Anthony Neilson, Directed by Beth Wilmurt
December 4, 2013 – January 12, 2014
For those of you who love how dark and sexy and bizarre we can get for the holidays - this show is for you. Master Gant leads us and his troupe of traveling performers into the sensual Edwardian
world of top hats, fantastical puppets and flash powder. Damsels pop pimples to reveal pearls; a young soldier gets a lobotomy to forget a lost love. It is a feast for the senses and a song for the heart.

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