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god's plot
written and directed by mark jackson
original music by daveen digiacomo

"I fear your independence of mind is the way to damnation."

Art, religion, politics - a love story. In 1665 the first shot heard round the world came from a play performed in a tavern that took satirical aim at the King of England. Mark Jackson uses this provocative event to create a tale of political jockeying, clandestine love, and unholy music - all according to God's plot for this land we call home.

The Ashby Stage

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Wednesdays at 7pm: $18
Thursdays at 7pm: $20
Fridays at 8pm: $23
Saturdays at 8pm: $27
Sundays at 5pm: $23

(Sunday 1/22 & 1/29
at 2pm)

God's Plot runs 2 & 1/2 hours, including its intermission. Please note that treated alfalfa is used on stage during this production. For more information please call our Box Office at 510.841.6500 x 303.

God's Plot is generously supported by grants from The East Bay Community Foundation Fund for Artists, The Kenneth Rainin Foundation and The Tournesol Project. Production producers: Joe Mallon & Sue Trowbridge and Lynn MacDonald.

If you are interested in obtaining a full copy of the script, please contact Liz Lisle.

LISTEN! Check out this KALW radio spot
on God's Plot and the history of Shotgun:

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