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What else is happening?

R.Black, Director of Ambience, has a website: rblack.org

Fontana Butterfield performs with Big City Improv most Friday nights at the Shelton Theater in San Francisco. The completely improvised shows are un-scripted, un-edited and created on the spot using audience suggestions and participation. It's a fabulous place to unwind after the week and laugh yourself silly. All info at: www.bigcityimprov.com

You can always check in with Mark Jackson and company at artstreettheatre.org

Shotgun's Managing Director Liz Lisle is also a part of Mugwumpin. In 2010, Mugwumpin is relaunching with a bold new artistic vision. We are conceiving of each year as a durational performance work consisting of modular performance pieces: each piece can stand on its own, but organizing thematic links between them allow meaning to accrue over time. These “Occurrences” will take place out in the world, with the intention of reshaping boundaries of performative space, challenging performer/audience relationships, and bringing a bit of transformative magic into the world. www.mugwumpin.org

Dave Maier composes violence and teaches Stage Combat Certification courses throughout the bay area. For information on his exploits go to www.duelingartssf.com

Susannah Martin: susannahmartin.net

Jon Tracy can be kept up with at jontracy.com

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