Post-Show Speaker Bios

Friday, June 8th:
Shadia Fayne Wood is the founder and Co-Coordinator of Project Survival Media, a global youth journalism network reporting on climate change issues. She became an advocate for justice and the environment at an early age. When she was just seven years old, she got involved in a campaign to address the cancer cluster in her community that was caused by nuclear waste. Though young, she was driven to spearhead what would become a successful eight-year campaign to pass state legislation to refinance the Superfund Program in New York State. The bill passed into law in 2003 and in recognition of her efforts, she received the prestigious Yoshiyama Award from the Hitachi Foundation and the Brower Youth Award from the Earth Island Institute. After graduating high school, Shadia worked for the Environmental Justice & Climate Change Initiative as the youngest Campaign Coordinator in the Energy Action Coalition. She was featured in the 2007 Green Issue of Vanity Fair and is a recipient of Elle Magazine’s 2008 Green Awards. She is also a freelance photographer having been published in The New Yorker, MSNBC, LA Times Blog, and the Boston Globe. She has managed media teams for all national summits on climate change Power Shift ‘07, ‘09, and ’11, the UN Climate Negotiations in ‘08, ‘09, and '11, and for the two week Tar Sands Action.

Sunday, June 10th:
The Greenpeace USA Recon Team:
Robert Black, Senior Team Leader and Senior Manager, Greenpeace USA
4 years in the Marine Corps, a Masters of Science in Psychology, and single father of 7 children. He has seen the worst that man can do to itself, and now wishes to spend the rest of his life making sure mankind will the best it can do to itself. Bobby is also an established writer, and has an anti-war screenplay up for review and sale with several movie studios.

Evan Spiler, Team Leader and Manager, Greenpeace USA
Photographer, and traveler of the world. Evan has taken many pictures to reflect the world, at its best and worst. Evan is being groomed to be the next Greenpeace International photographer, where Greenpeace is sure he will benefit mankind with his amazing abilities. Evan is also the author of many children's poems, and is finishing a collective illustrated book of children's poems in the upcoming weeks.

Joseph Hupperich, Team Leader and Manager, Greenpeace USA
Raised in Wisconsin, and really gets to the heart of the Greenpeace Mission, Joe is essential to Greenpeace's mission to recon the USA to find where Greenpeace can establish a foothold and expand to benefit the world as a whole. He is also a talented musician, where the folk is in his heart and soul. He grew up near one of the biggest ammo plants in Wisconsin, and decided to be an environmentalist after his friends got cancer from the contaminated water supply.

Tyler Wilkerson, Team Leader and Manager, Greenpeace USA
Tyler is also a Marine Corps Combat Veteran, and has become an essential member of the Greenpeace USA Recon team. He has helped Greenpeace establish a foothold in Palm Springs, California and Sacramento. Seeing the worst mankind can do itself, he too wishes to help Greenpeace ensure a peaceful and sustainable future for the world. He is also a budding musician, and loves a good all night jam session.

Thursday, June 14th:
Keith L. Knudsen
is the Deputy Director of the Earthquake Science Center for the U.S. Geological Survey. He is a Quaternary geologist and geomorphologist who specializes in the assessment of earthquake hazards. Prior to joining the USGS, he worked on projects characterizing seismic hazards for large engineered facilities at URS Corporation in Oakland. Prior to joining URS, Keith managed the Liquefaction Zoning Unit and the Bay Area Regional Geologic Mapping Unit of the California Geological Survey’s Seismic Hazards Zoning Program. He served on the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute’s Northern California Chapter Board as a Director and as President. He is currently Secretary of the Seismological Society of America. He lives in the East Bay, less than two kilometers from the Hayward fault.

Friday, June 21st:
Bruce Hamilton
, Deputy Executive Director, The Sierra Club
Deputy Executive Director Bruce Hamilton has worked for the Sierra Club for 35 years. He started as a local organizer in the Northern Rockies, where he fought oil and gas development in wilderness and coal strip mining. He has been involved in designing and implementing campaigns to promote Smart Energy Solutions, preserve America's Wild Legacy, and support Safe Healthy Communities at the local, state, regional, federal and international levels. Recently he headed teams to develop and implement national Sierra Club programs to ecosystems from climate change and the national Beyond Natural Gas campaign.
Beyond Natural Gas seeks to reform and stop reckless natural gas development, including fracking, and to end our reliance on all fossil fuels by 2050. Bruce is trained as a wildlife biologist but his main occupation is agitator. He lives in Berkeley.

Friday, June 22nd:

California State Senator Loni Hancock has spent nearly four decades as a forceful advocate for open government, educational reform, environmental protection, economic development, and social justice. Senator Hancock currently serves on the Environmental Quality Committee, which oversees legislation relating to air and water quality, waste management and toxic substances, among other environmental issues.

Saturday, June 23rd:
CA State Assemblymember Nancy Skinner chairs the Assembly Natural Resources Committee which oversees implementation of California's Global Warming Solutions Act, AB 32.

Prior to her election to the legislature Skinner worked internationally on climate issues. A founder of ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, Skinner led ICLEI's Cities for Climate Protection program 1993 to 2004.

Her expertise in energy efficiency includes initiating the first citywide energy efficiency retrofit laws and the first municipally owned ESCO (Energy Services Company) while she was a Councilmember in the City of Berkeley during the 1980s.

As US Director of the London based Climate Group, Skinner worked with Fortune 500 companies and state, provincial, and national leaders to enact greenhouse gas reduction plans. Her recently approved Assembly Bill 758, the first statewide program aimed at achieving energy efficiency retrofits for all existing residential and commercial buildings, will move California's leadership on energy efficiency from gold to platinum, and promises to create thousands of new jobs to aid California's economic recovery.

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