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Faust, Part 1

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The Year of Fat Pigs and Idiots

"Stark, funny, sobering and provocative, this is a Faust for our times." - Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

"Jackson leads a winning cast in the kind of dynamic, precisely choreographed neoexpressionist production he has made a hallmark of his work. ... amid the heightened speech, Jackson maintains a delightfully chilling carnality in the details." - Robert Avila, San Francisco Bay Guardian

"If the devil is in the details, this Faust soars on nuance." - Karen D'Souza, San Jose Mercury News

“This is a disciplined, intentional piece of theater awash in rigorous direction (by Jackson and Kevin Clarke), a simple but aesthetically astute production and a script that crackles with poetry, comedy and terror.” – Chad Jones,

"Shotgun Players pull no punches with 'Faust, Part I' "- Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times

"fascinating, alternately funny and deeply sad" - Jim Strope,

"Jackson, fellow cast members and co-helmer Kevin Clarke ... have viewers hanging on every nuance." - Dennis Harvey, Variety

"In these desperate times, Mephistophelean contracts are lying about like fly paper; before you start drawing blood to sign on the dotted line, get thee first to the Ashby Stage." - Jeffrey R. Smith,

“FAUST falls someplace in between a fairy tale and a gothic horror … The beauty of the piece lies in the moment, or lack thereof, portrayed by the actors. – “twid,”

"Truly, the devil and his dealings have never been so appealing." - Laureen Mahler,

"it's a decidedly Jackson-esque rendering, as much about power and desire as about choosing between good and evil." - Rachel Swan, East Bay Express

"As usual, the adaptation was creative and engaging. The acting was skillful as well. I am so glad that we became 38 Special subscribers for this company. They always do a wonderful job with masterful performance, intriguing sets, atmospheric lighting and sound design, and a wonderful set of staff that run the theater." - Fabulous Pants


“Mark Jackson: Deutsch by Design” – Chloe Veltman, American Theatre

"Lies Like Truth," Chloe Veltman

SF State makes mark in Shotgun Players' 'Faust, Part I'

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