The Solar Campaign

thank you!

WE DID IT!  Thanks to everyone who donated to our solar campaign.  Shotgun Players is now the first 100% solar powered theatre in the country! 

Thank you to the following people for generously donating to the Solar Campaign! Without your support, we would not be well on our way to becoming the first solar theater in the country.

To become a Solar campaign donor, please click here.

  $20,000 and above
  The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
  Anonymous (2)
  In Loving Memory of Alan & Dora Harnish
  The Walter & Elise Haas Fund
Chamberlin Family Foundation
  Steven McCane & Tamara White
Peter Skarpelos
Family & Friends of Tom Clement and Sabrina Klein in celebration of their wedding, February, 2006
  Ann Gabor Arancio & Remo Arancio
  Art’s Automotive/Art Ratner
  Tina "Queen B" Bosher
  Susan & Jeff Dunn
  Richard & Janet Lisle
  Joseph Mallon & Sue Trowbridge
  Mina Morita
  Claire M. Mosher
  Marjorie Mosher
  Les & Sue Polgar
  William & Linda Schieber
  Lois W. Schwartz
  In Remembrance of Claire Waldman
  Jed Waldman
  A Solar Enthusiast
Richard Louis James
  William & Susan Bagnell
  Rachel & David Biale
  Ginny Bosher & Phil Upton
  Valerie Doyle
  Robert & Helga Grabske
  Russell M. Kirk
  Lynn MacDonald
  Gene & Pat Angell
  Fred & Mary Avila

Tom Bates & Loni Hancock

  Anne P. Beaty
  Kitty Bosher

Daniel & Katherine Bruno

  Jeff Carlock & Dale R. Hopkins
  Anne Corcos
  Heather & Michael Cruciano
  George D. Demakas
  Paulette Erickson
  Hartmut & Karen Fokken
  Oliver L Kellogg
  Ruth & Jeno Lorincz
  Joanie McBrien
  John Mercer

Marilyn & David Nasatir

  Larry & Joan Schwartz
  Wayne Rowland & Vanessa Washington
  George W. & Kerstin E. Trowbridge
  Marin Van Young
  John Waller



Feedback Central
We've finally figured out a way for folks to share comments about their experience with the rest of our community. You probably know this already but please consider the following before lettin' it fly:

  • Don't be mean. 
  • Don't write words you wouldn't say in front of your grandma or my daughters.
  • Don't go promoting outside causes.

Sound fair? Good. Now grab that keyboard and break it down.


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