Robert Avila's year-end wrap-up: SF Bay Guardian: Curtain calls

"It's a combination of deft writing, forceful acting, and astute directing" Rachel Swan, East Bay Express

"You're not likely to find a better production of Skylight anywhere." Charles Brousse, Marin Independent Journal

“This is an intimate and heart-rending look at life, taking a slice of it and serving it right there in front of our eyes. This is intensity and love and heartbreak and pain and clashing ideals.” Amy Marie Boulanger, Bay Area Examiner

Dogmom's Dish blog review: “Emily Jordan gives an outstanding performance … The intensity of the dialogue doesn't distract you from the onions simmering in the skillet, so eat before you go or bring cash for the reasonably priced snack bar at intermission. Ditto for the whiskeys downed by the blustery, Brit businessman played to perfection by John Mercer.”

Arielle Little, Daily Cal: "Well known in Britain and the world over, David Hare is well-decorated for his many contributions to modern theater–”Skylight” alone was nominated for a Tony for Best Play in 1997 and was awarded an Olivier Award (the London version of the Tonys) for Best New Play in 1996. ... It is a play about the entangled relationships between three people: a young woman, the married man she once had an affair with, and his son. Let the awkwardness, sticky situations, and confusing emotions unfold."

Long before he captured the heat of scorching romance in "The Reader," for which he was a 2008 Academy Award nominee for best screenplay, playwright David Hare seared the stage with "Plenty," "The Vertical Hour" and "Skylight." Berkeley's astute Shotgun Players are now reviving "Skylight," an elegant tale about the tug-of-war between love and money in the postmodern world, where shades of ambiguity cloud even the white-hot clarity of passion. — Karen D'Souza, Mercury News


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