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"The players are first class ... astonishingly well directed by Joy Carlin." - John A. McMullen II, The Berkeley Daily Planet

"The actors are lions, even though some pretend to be lambs. Zehra Berkman plays a guileless Annie against Josiah Polhemus' insouciant Tom. Kendra Lee Oberhauser is the alpha in her marriage to Mick Mize' shifty, grinning Reg. But the weirdest match of all is geeky Ruth (Sarah Mitchell) and her big yellow beast of a husband, played by Richard Reinholdt. His Norman not only seduces the other actors; he manhandles the audience as well." - Rachel Swan, The East Bay Express

"Though this play is only one in a cycle it stands well on its own, while still sparking one's curiosity as to what will happen next." - Gwen Kingston, The Daily Californian (Table Manners)
"It is worth the return trips to Ashby Stage to see all three of these charmingly hilarious plays." (Living Together)

"Audacious physical choices… When societal norms don’t allow real connection, what you need, Ayckbourn seems to say, is a Norman." - Lily Janiak, San Francisco Bay Times

"It's a notable undertaking for Shotgun to stage the whole trilogy. The result is one very entertaining farce spread out over three shows." Robert Hurwitt, The San Francisco Chronicle

"Shotgun brings out the humor of the trilogy beautifully overall" - Sam Hurwitt, theidiolect.com

"fine actors and great direction… the timing is impeccable" (Table Manners) "Once again, this superb cast gets everything right. The timing is impeccable and each of the actors has a turn to shine" (Living Together) - Richard Connema, talkinbroadway.com

"Most theater companies take a breather between June and September, but not Shotgun. Not only is it staging the Ayckbourn trilogy, it’s taken on the Iliad as its annual John Hinkel Park, pay-what-you-wish show.
Is Shotgun nuts? It’s taken a chance and come up with a winner." - Robert Hall, The Piedmont Post

"the cast enchants from the first with special chemistry and exceptional chops" - Robert Avila, The San Francisco Bay Guardian


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