"'Beardo' rides pretty high on its impressionistic scenes and Malloy's enticing score. The quintet and Davaran provide expert accompaniment. The voices ring true in every song ... the effect is nothing less than magic."

Robert Hurwitt, The San Francisco Chronicle

"'Beardo' might be the edgiest production ever mounted by Shotgun Players."

Rachel Swan, The East Bay Express

"a magnetic hero — strange and mystical, 'a very hairy visionary' with a song in his heart, a few magic tricks up his sleeve and the sex appeal of a rock star."

Georgia Rowe, The Examiner

"So much creativity is on display in this thrilling new piece of music theatre that, if you're smart, you'll put Beardo on your must-see list."

George Heymont,

"Every aspect of the production is outstanding ... the show thrums with creative energy."

Chris Jensen, SFWeekly

"In the opening salvo of its 20th anniversary season, Shotgun Players hits a raucous, ribald, and consistently clever bull's eye with 'Beardo.'"

Robert Avila, The San Francisco Bay Guardian

"a funny, quirky, work of art…significant and funny as hell."

John A. McMullen II, The Examiner

"raucous musical celebration of a legendary badass…impishly decadent staging…delightful musical numbers…impressively polished and versatile…very, very funny"

Sam Hurwitt, The Idiolect

"'Beardo' is exactly how I like my musicals--edgy, a little twisted and thoroughly enjoyable."

Marisela Orta,

"marvelous string quintet… an unbelievable, must see show"

Kedar K. Adour,

"phenomenal talent… simply outstanding"

Percival Arcibal,




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