book & lyrics by Jason craig
original music by Dave malloy
directed by patrick dooley

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"I see that my myth is about to get more massive. My pow is about to get more powerful."

Rasputin: healer or hedonist or both? Playwright Jason Craig and composer Dave Malloy, who brought you Beowulf: A Thousand Years of Baggage, team up with Artistic Director Patrick Dooley to delve into the world of Russia's infamous bad boy mystic.

March 23 - April 24
Ashby Stage

Wednesdays at 7pm: $17
Thursdays at 8pm: $20
Fridays at 8pm: $23
Saturdays at 8pm: $26
Sundays at 5pm: $23

EXTENDED through May 1:

Wednesday, 4/27 at 7pm: $20
Thursday, 4/28 at 8pm: $25
Friday, 4/29 at 8pm: $25
Saturday, 4/30 at 8pm: $30
Sunday, 5/1 at 5pm: $30

Runtime: 2 hours, 15 minutes including its intermission.
There will be 2 gunshots during the show.

If you are interested in obtaining a full copy of the script, please contact Liz Lisle.


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