adapted by Adam Bock
directed by Rose Riordan

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Lodged in an unsatisfying marriage, still in her sexual prime, Phaedra indulges in a secret obsession for a younger man. Adding fuel to the fire, the object of her desire also happens to be her husband's son. It’s a story about what happens when passion is given free rein over reason, an ardent and tabloid-worthy tragedy of 20th century suburbia. Obie Award Winner Adam Bock returns to Shotgun Players with a riveting modern adaptation of Racine's classic tale.

"forbidden passion is made new with irresistible immediacy in Adam Bock's PHAEDRA." - The San Francisco Chronicle

EXTENDED through October 30
The Ashby Stage

Wednesday at 7pm: $20
Thursday at 7pm: $22
Friday at 8pm: $25
Saturday at 8pm: $30
Sunday at 5pm: $25
*Prices increase during extension week.

If you are interested in obtaining a full copy of the script, please contact Liz Lisle.

PHAEDRA is generously supported with a grant from The Bernard Osher Foundation. The performance runs one hour and forty-five minutes, including its intermission.


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