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God's Ear previews at Ashby Stage: Outstanding

Peggy Reskin
Monday, May 24, 9:14 PM

God's Ear entertains, brings life to an array of subjects and takes the theatre goer on a trip worth taking full of promise, energy and life with characters worthy of your love and interest. Jenny Schwartz brings life to her subject, source and direction embody her characters on a path that you don't feel certain of the course of action, but trust builds as each step along the way fulfills.

There are surprises, there are spontaneous responses from the Audience with sparks of deep empathy and understanding. The Shotgun Players fill the stage and fill the characters with a fierce generosity of experience and knowing aspects of ourselves through them we might never have discovered. The set design moves the action, inspires the journey and provides the ground that supports the sense of air and space that holds the players to the meaning the play conveys.

Melinda Meeng sparkles in her songs, Beth Wilmurt is an unrelenting anchor to the flow throughout the night's performance; NikaEzell Pappas stirs it all up and in her authenticity lifts her performance and the play to great places and great fun.

Grief is what the play is said to be about, loss transformed, love retreaded and expressed and life in all its infinite glory is what the characters of this play create. There is so much happening, a second or even third performance would bring new experience of the material and so I'm looking forward to the seeing God's Ear again to see what I missed.


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