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E X T E N D E D to JUNE 27!


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"They didn't say anything about miracles, did they?"

Some people say there are five stages to grief. But there are also living rooms, airport lounges and loose teeth to contend with. Once a couple is shattered by sudden tragedy, exquisite bravery, far-flung business trips, and fantastical figures are all things that come between love, loss and healing.

God's Ear runs 100 minutes and has no intermission. A strobe light is used in this production.


Interview with Erika Chong Shuch and Liz Lisle in The New York Times

Article about Allen Willner, our lighting designer: missionlocal.org


"Where Ear soars highest, though, is in the great arias of fractured thought, conversational cliches and pop culture tag lines, expertly delivered" - Robert Hurwitt, The San Francisco Chronicle

"There is so much happening, a second or even third performance would bring new experience of the material and so I'm looking forward to the seeing Gods Ear again to see what I missed." - Peggy Reskin, Examiner.com

"For those who enjoy language, nonsense, have a taste for the absurd, and relish a wild theatrical ride" - George Heymont, myculturallandscape.blogspot.com

"The work is nicely ambitious, and Shotgun’s bold design rang clear and expressive, executed with soothing crispness" - Brooke Bundy, wcities.com

"This is the second show in two consecutive outings in which Shotgun has knocked it out of the park. But this one is the best since Beowulf, and something you will hear about so often that you'll regret having skipped it." - John A. McMullen II, The Berkeley Daily Planet

"a hilarious burlesque of the common coin of speech" - Ken Bullock, The Berkeley Daily Planet

"God's Ear is the type of play in which Erica Chong-Shuch specializes. Trained as a dance choreographer…she fills in the story-gaps, and makes the unresolved seem beautiful and clean." - Rachel Swan, The East Bay Express

"Part poem, part musical, and part gut-wrenching love story" - Sally Hogarty, Contra Costa Times

"Bracing and funny — a hugely inventive exploration. Exceptional." - Chris Jensen, SFWeekly

"The acting is stellar ... the dialogue is energetically dizzying ... Go see this play if you can." - David Hill, The Skeptician

"Schwartz's fragmented language and director Erika Chong Shuch's swirl of movement are a compelling frame for the bravery and mistakes and hallucinations (in the guise of cameos by the Tooth Fairy and G.I. Joe) that occur as parents navigate their loss." - Amber Adrian, 7x7 Magazine

"uniquely fetching… comes off beautifully" Richard Connema, www.talkingbroadway.com

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Shotgun Players presents
God's Ear
by Jenny Schwartz
directed by Erika Chong Shuch

May 19 - June 27, 2010
Wed at 7 (except 5/19), Thu - Sat at 8, Sun at 5
Ashby Stage, Berkeley

There will be no performance Wednesday, May 26

5/19, 20, 22, 23: Pay-What-You-Can performances
Friday, 5/21 - $30 (including afterparty)
Wed - $15
Thu - $20
Fri/Sun - $23
Sat - $28

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