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EXTENDED through NOVEMBER 14, 2010


adapted from Friedrich Schiller's Maria Stuart
and directed by MARK JACKSON

"No more tears; now I will think upon revenge."

Four hundred years ago in England, or yesterday in America? The showdown between Elizabeth, Queen of England, and Mary, Queen of Scots plays itself out like a juicy political thriller, replete with intrigue, plot twists, and several stabbed backs.

"It's a thoroughly gripping modern political thriller." - Robert Hurwitt, The San Francisco Chronicle

Mary Stuart runs about 2 hours, including intermission.

Production Producers: Monika & David Eisenbud
Mary Stuart is generously supported by a grant from The Bernard Osher Foundation

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For Your Information

Now extended through 11/14!

10/6, 7, 9 & 10 are Pay-What-You-Can
10/8 - $30 (including afterparty)
Wed - $17, Thu - $20,
Fri/Sun - $23, Sat - $28


Wheelchair Accessible


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